Not Your Average Girl Scout


(Above) Madi Dean in the Mass Comm room. Madi Dean has currently received her Silver Award in Girl Scouts. Now a Senior in Girl Scouts, Dean is determined to be awarded her Gold Award.

Ever since Kindergarten, Madi Dean has always had a passion for Girl Scouts. Many people misjudge Girl Scouts by thinking it’s all about the cookies, but Dean takes girl scouts to a whole new level.

She has learned several leadership skills which make her  standout in a crowd. She has started out as a Daisy, and recently made it to a Senior which is one of the highest levels in Girl Scouts.

“The best part about Girl Scouts would probably be seeing all my friends,” said Dean.

With a small troop, consisting of nine girls, Dean imagines how hard they have to work.

Taking trips to a Ski Lodge, theme parks, and Florida prove just how hard Dean has worked. Everyone has a secret to their motivation.

“What motivates me to sell are the prizes.” Prizes included for selling over the years have included stuffed animals, little trinkets, and of course the badges you get for selling,” said Dean.

Dean’s strong determination has led her to sell over 750 boxes of cookies. As Girl Scouts get older, many struggle to find a way to sell more boxes, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Dean.

“My mom works at Friday’s so we buy many boxes and sell them. It’s a really easy way to sell cookies,” said Dean.

Cookies aren’t the only reason why Dean’s in for the experience.

She has been given her bronze award which is the highest girl scout award a Junior can acquire. As well as her silver award, which is the highest achievement a Cadette can have.

Dean is currently working on her gold award. The gold award is the highest award any girl scout in high school can be awarded. Only 5% of Girl Scout receive this award.

The Gold award opens up opportunities to get scholarships and increases your chances of getting into a good college.

“It looks good on your high school transcript, so that’s what kinda got me into it,” said Dean.

Dean proves that hard work pays off and doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

Written by: Carleen Scott


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