Scrap it, She’s Scrapbookin’

Written By: Madi D.


(Above) Carleen Scott in the Mass Comm room.  Scott’s favorite thing about scrapbooking is keeping memories alive.

For two years now, Carlene Scott has had a place in her heart for


“I love how I can look back at all of my memories.”

Not only does Scott use pictures that she takes, but also does something

very neat with other kinds of pictures.

“I like to cut pictures out of magazines and put them into their own

scrapbook for things that I want for the future.”

Scott started scrapbooking simply by watching TV.

“ I was watching a craft show and they started showing scrapbooks and I

just really got interested in them.”

Besides scrapbooking, Scott also has some interesting other hobbies, for

example, Running track.

“I have won medals, ribbons, and even a coaches award for track while I was

in middle school.”

Scott has been running track for three years now and is looking forward to

running it in the spring on the school team.

Why is Scott even in Mass Comm you ask? Scrapbooking has barely anything

to do with Mass Comm.

“I wanted to come to Mass Comm because I that it is different that

all of the other specialty centers. It stood out and it just called me. You can come

out with more knowledge that you would have coming into some of the other

ott is also very active in school with her academics. specialty centers in Chesterfield.”

Scott is also very involved with her academics.

“I won the presidential academic award in middle school for my outstanding


Unlike me, Scott has lived in more than one state.

“I was born in Michigan and lived there for a while, and then I moved to

Arizona. After Arizona I moved here. My favorite state is going to have to be

Michigan. The people there are just so kind and welcoming and it’s just a wonderful


Scott has a wonderful personality and some cool hobbies to! If it was my

choice, I think that everyone should get to know Carlene because she is an

awesome person!

Carleen Scott in the Mass Communications room.


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