Basketball Boy

Written By: Reagan P.

(Above) Lance Holmes in the Mass Comm Room, Lance also plays on  a community team called the Hennings.

It’s a typical day for Lance Holmes as he comes home from school and does his homework. When the last math problem is finished Holmes heads outside to practice his basketball skills.

“I usually take two ball and dribble down my street, running as fast as I can.” Holmes said.

He practices every day for about 3 or 4 hours; he would like to become a professional basketball player or sports commentator.

Holmes grew up traveling a lot; his family travels to Mississippi every year to visit family, and there’s been plenty of vacations in between. He likes school, science best, and in his spare time he and his friends like to make and edit videos.

When he was a baby, Holmes had been around basketball; his dad used to coach high school basketball teams and Holmes would attend several of the games. He was fascinated by the game and wanted to learn. “When he was about six” His mother said, remembering when her son started to play basketball.

Holmes even remembers when he first started playing-he was only six.

“They probably thought I was really bad.” Holmes said, try to remember how his coaches might’ve felt about his early years playing . “I could barely dribble.”

Pursuing an interest in any athletic is hard on kids, especially if they wish to play professionally someday.

“I’d like to go to UVA for school, if I were to go for basketball.” Holmes said, “My mom went there, and they’ve had a good past two years.

Holmes plays on a recreation team called the ‘Henings’ and will  try out for the Manchester basketball team as soon possible later this year.

(Above) Lance Holmes in the Mass Comm Room.

Written By: Reagan P.


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