A Veteran in the Vietnam War

Witten By: Alexus S.

(Above) Woodcocks army picture. Woodcock has been to Germany and France with the military.

Well-respected, brave, and kind words that describe Tommy Woodcock veteran in the U.S. army. He served in the Vietnam War.  Woodcock joined the army in 1966 at 19 years old.

         “ I was going nowhere in my life, and I needed a different direction in my life; which I was glad I joined. I think every boy should join the service, I personally grew up a lot,” said Woodcock.

       Truck driver and he demolished buildings for the army. “We use to tear down U.S. buildings overseas then rebuild them in Germany.” He first went to school to be a carpenter, then an electrician.

       Not only did he travel to Germany he also went to France for five months, which is  Once he finished his work in France and Germany he moved back to the United States where he was then placed in  Fort Bragg North Carolina, then Fort Landour Missiour, he went back to France and Germany again. When he came back he went to Kansas and then I stayed in Chicago “ Yeah I did a little traveling back then,” said Woodcock

   “ My company was getting ready to go back to war when I was getting out, so I didn’t stay where he tore down the buildings because the United States got kicked out.

“ We just tore down metalbuildings anything the United States had in France we tore them down.”

in the active duty,” said Woodcock.

     Woodcock served 3 years in the war.

         He currently hasn’t talked to anyone from the war. “I believe the last time we saw any of them was about 39 years ago,” said his wife Betty Jo Woodcock.  “ I learned a ,lets see what did I learn… I learned  to be responsible and I made new friends like I said I felt like it was my duty to join..”

  All in all Tommy did his share of duty for the United States army and is respected by many others.

Woodcocks army picture.


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