Halloween Haunt Hostess

Written By; Kaitlyn P.

Twenty-one year old, Sarah Sams, takes on a job requiring blood, makeup, and mysterious clothing. Every year, towards the end of the year she prepares to howl up a few terrorizing screeches at Kings Dominion’s own haunt.

For the past three Septembers, woken up only to get dressed in a tattered costume dress, pale face and dark eyes and dark lips. All the way up until the final week of October, she continues to purposely terrorize people along trails and buildings for both parties’ amusement.

Sams takes the role of Malice, the evil version of “Alice in Wonderland” at “Feary Tales” and works along side more than four hundred fifty co-workers spread along the park and admits to it being surprisingly easy to get the role.

The audition process is simple. Beginning in July of this year  you fill a form out on the website. Then later on, they call five people or so back into a room where the audition begins.

“Basically they take like 5 people back to a room, ask them things like ‘what’s your favorite part of halloween/ favorite halloween character’, give us a couple monsters to pretend to be, and then have us make a scary sound. This year my audition creatures were Evil Clown and Evil Scientist,“ Sams said.

The job, she says, “it’s always fun, and always interesting,” despite being asked odd questions.

“People tend to ask if Alice is a boy or girl, I’ve never really been sure why they think a person in a dress with a high pitched voice is a guy. I had one person ask ‘when alice goes to the bathroom and takes off her clothes, does she go to the little boys room, or the little girls room?’. I sort of just walked away because they didn’t deserve my acknowledgement.”

Though she was hoping for a separate position over in “Club Blood”, she has enjoyed her place in “Feary Tales” and hopes she can return next season.


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