And On Defense Is Lauren Intravia.


 (Above) Lauren Intravia playing in a soccer game. Lauren’s jeresy number is 19 for her team.

Witten By: Kaitlyn P.

Soccer has played a major part in Lauren Introvia’s life over the years she has played. Kids are always getting more and more involved with athletics, but she has made this more than an average hobby- more so a commitment in some ways or others and makes her her own person. Playing since she was three, it’s no secret she was more to kick for a purpose.

    She said she had been playing for all positions, but primarily in midfield as well as defence. With a drive like this to tackle on all sorts of responsibilities to the temn, UFC – the United Football Club- it’s no wonder they have been able to travel across the state and play in important games.

    “To me, soccer is my life. Honestly, if I’m not doing school work I am on the feild or just touching a soccer ball.” Intravia said, sharing how roughly eight years of playing has impacted her life. “The most memorable moment would be making the travel soccer team. I was one of the only two girls that made it. The rest were guys but I still learned a lot. It made me tougher in a way and helped me improve.”

    When asked if she had planned her future around the field she denied it. She explained that it had come to her mind she could continue and go on to pro-soccer but she may just pursue it in college, with a main goal of working in the medical field in the long run.

    Freshman year, Intravia has devoted her life to a sport that helps her increase motivation and desire. “I’ve been doing soccer pretty much my whole life and I couldn’t see myself without it. It makes me feel complete.”


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