Write, Play, Write, Dominique B.

Written By: Alexus S.

(Above) Bragg working hard in Mass Comm. Bragg would like to work at Seventeen Magazine when she’s older.

 Talented , smart, creative, musical, artistic. The words that describe 14 year old  Dominique Bragg. Even though she is only 14 she is already thinking  of possible careers. Bragg has two choices in mind.

    “ I would consider a career in playing the violin.” This is one of the two things she is considering.

   So far she has played for three years and says “ I plan on playing more.” She played for her middle school Manchester. She is furthering her career in being a violinist by also playing for Manchester High School as well.

  In the three years Bragg has auditioned for CRO. CRO stand for Central Regional Orchestra.

  She likes playing classical music but wants to play rock with an electric violin.

 “One thing I like to do in my spare time is write.” She has also considered being a journalist. She says she likes interviewing people at the same time. Which is why she thinks journalism would be good for her.

  She writes on this page called Poetic Indulgence. She also is in the specialty center Mass Communications at Manchester High School.

  “ I chose Mass Communications because it is a base of a career I am interested in,” said Bragg.Bragg working hard in Mass Comm.


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