True Italian Pizza; Stuzzi Pizza

Written By: Reagan P.


(above) Stuzzi’s Gourmet Pepperoni Pizza. Stuzzi pizza’s are all of a personal size and served on their own plates.

Walking into Stuzzi Pizza in Carytown Richmond you are immediately greeted with the smell of their freshly made Italian Pizza. Placed in the back of the restaurant is a dome shaped oven where they cook they cook each pizza.


Stuzzi’s pizza journey began in Naples Italy, when queen Margareiht requested cheese on her pizza. Pizza, which at the time was only made from dough sauce, and occasionally vegetables. Queen Margareiht requested cheese on her pizza to represent the Italian flag; Basil to represent the green, cheese to represent the white, and original tomato sauce to represent the red.


The First Stuzzi restaurant opened in 1850, in Naples, Italy. The Caserta family (Owners of Stuzzi) was the first to make pizza for queen Margaret and thus invented the Margarita (Cheese) Pizza.


Last April I traveled to Naples Italy, where I got to experience true Italian Pizza. Going to Italy and tasting their food will make you into a food snob (guaranteed). Biting into Stuzzi’s Gourmet Pepporni Pizza I felt like I was back in Naples.

The flour and tomatoes used in the pizza have been imported from Italy, and Stuzzi uses the finest milk, “fior di latte”, to make their original Stuzzi cheese.

The Gourmet Pepperoni which I ordered only took 5-10 minutes to cook and was delivered to my table still hot from their wood fire oven.

The pizza dough is cute thick, and is eaten the true Italian way; either with a fork and knife or by folding a slice in half. The cheese, made by the Stuzzi restaurant themselves, is thick and tastes define with the Italian Tomatoes.

In conclusion Stuzzi pizza has earned an A plus in my book for pizza, and if you’re looking for true Italian Pizza, Stuzzi should be your top choice.


written by: Reagan P.


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