Thanksgiving and a Couple of Turkeys

The two main turkeys, Jake and Reggie

The two main turkeys, Jake and Reggie.

By Madi D.

Sure, Thanksgiving is about friends, family, and being thankful, but one thing that everyone thinks of is the food. You have stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and beans. Oh wait, im forgetting something aren’t I? Thats right! The turkey.

    Everyone knows that the turkey is the main dish. Turkeys are born, stuffed with food, and die a happy, fat life lived, and then shipped to the store, and wait to get bought. But in the movie Free Birds, that doesn’t particularly happen.

    The main turkey, Reggie, has been warning his fellow turkeys of the worst. Thanksgiving. All of the other turkeys are basically DUMB. They think that when they get chosen by the farmer that they are going to turkey paradise. Eh, no. Reggie has warned his fellow turkeys over and over again but they just didn’t listen. Until the unexpected happens.

    A very special day happens for Reggie. He is the chosen to be the Presidential Pardoned turkey for Thanksgiving. Life is great for Reggie after that. He learns how to control the TV, he gets to eat pizza, and most importantly he has a family who cares for him.  Everything goes great, until Reggie is “birdnapped”.

Reggie is “birdnapped” by a turkey named Jake. Jake is a “ Buff “ turkey is is running free. Jake wants to go back to the first Thanksgiving to get turkeys off the menu. First things first. They have to get a time machine.

So basically, the next part of the movie is finding and getting the time machine. Once they are in outer space in the time machine it introduces himself. His name is S.T.E.V.E. Space Time Exploration Vehicle Enjoy. S.T.E.V.E. takes Reggie and Jake back to Plymouth colony in 1621. A couple days before the first Thanksgiving.

Reggie and Jake meet a Colony of turkeys who have been in hiding from the colonists and are living a happy life. Jake and Reggie gather the flock and they fight back against the colonists who want to kill them for thanksgiving. Of course in the end everyone gets along and they all have a happy thanksgiving while eating pizza.

Free Birds was an amazing movie. I was laughing the entire time. My little brothers had fun, and even my parents had a couple of laughs in there. I suggest everyone to go see the movie Free Birds. This movie is now in theaters.


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